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honey hartsey whoa even cooler on the inside than the outside what could be cool about this I mean it's an abandoned barn I don't think we should be in here I mean this is trespassing only trespassing if someone owns it this barn is completely abandoned I wouldn't worry at all it's just don't see and gross in here come on let's just go come on No this place would be absolutely perfect for a Halloween party I thought we already had plans I thought we're gonna watch movies at my house well no maybe we can have a party here wouldn't that be so much better then we can climb up the social ladder so no longer get laughed at in class come on this would be so awesome what spiders of course there's gonna be spiders it's an abandoned barn boo boo creepy hey I got an idea what you want to go home yet have you ever heard of playing Bloody Mary what oh it's just a game just to see if this mare who's been dead for centuries appears to horses say Bloody Mary three times in the dark and they don't look away for making eye contact with each other and then this bloody mayor will appear in the corner of your eye and look at this two horses in the dark if we could be more perfect an abandoned building please something like that why would I want to play something like that what are you scared no I just I don't believe that some dead mare will appear just because you said her name I need to get home come on I can't do this without you look at how perfect this is it's an abandoned building come on say Bloody Mary say it Oh should I if you say it I will get you apples for a whole entire year fresh yummy red apples oh no come on from the Smith farm – you know how good those apples are just say it what if I died then I won't be able to enjoy these yummy apples that you're promising me come on you're not gonna die just from saying the word bloody mer I want to go come on please please please it's completely innocent so what's supposed to happen she just shows up I don't know I've never played it myself I just hear that she appears in the corner of your eye come on please please fine okay perfect okay stand right over here okay face me face me now both of us say together at the same time bloody mare three times I mean and she should appear probably behind one of us but do not make eye contact with her just keep looking into my eyes or she will steal your soul okay I don't want to do this anymore no no no okay I'm just kidding look I don't really know what happens but maybe nothing will happen at all there's a reason why this is just a legend so come on let's start come on think of the apples there we go okay ready yes like asking me am I ready to die ready go Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody bear just don't don't look around just only look at me well keep your eyes closed close the window oh hey hey happy Halloween happy Halloween hey I didn't see you around the campus at all yeah I know I I had to get from class to class I I've been really busy and you know and a lot on my mind oh okay what do you what are you doing tonight for Halloween well I wouldn't be hanging out with Santi it's night we may go out supposedly they're doing like a night trail ride so I don't know she says it kind of sounds lame I think it sounds fun what are you gonna do same thing I do every Halloween nothing just go home I don't know maybe go to bed early maybe pass out Halloween candy to the fools nothing exciting well if you want to come and hang out with us no no that's okay I don't want to be the third wheel I just don't want to be it's okay are you sure because I mean I don't mind having you with us I know you don't but maybe Santiam like mine oh come on Santi likes you she thinks you're cool actually maybe you're right she may not even know I'm there because she's always on her cell phone hello so be nice hey Carlo you know what scratch that idea of the midnight trail ride I've had something even better a haunted house honey just sent me a text and said that it's going to be so scary which is perfect I mean that's the whole point of Halloween is to be scared let me text her back and tell her that we're totally going so what do you think haunted house do you want to come no it's okay I don't really wanna I don't really like scary things really yeah I know that but I mean it's a haunted house could it really be that scary no way it could be we're in a creepy house at night scary well it's starting to get dark anyways I'm gonna head home let me know if you change your mind I'll catch up with you later oh okay scratch that haunted house idea aria just sent me a text and said that's not happening apparently they have like a black widow infestation at that haunted house we know uh clothes don't wait up hang on well if you'd like Santi we could maybe go watch some scary movies at close ups I guess that's better than sitting around and doing nothing what type of scary movies did you call me yeah looks like we're cancelling our haunted house idea what type of scary movies are we gonna be watching oh I have a whole bunch I have night of the un– floated tooth the Haunted plastic bag oh that one sounds creepy scary no I just feel like there's gonna be something better around here to do for Halloween hey flip yeah hey Santa hey what are you doing for Halloween cuz we need something to do and quick actually I was gonna go check out that abandoned barn you heard about the two mares that went missing there right no but do tell nobody actually knows what happens they just know that these two mares went in and they never came out creepy huh it's just right up the road here now this I have to check out come on hey aren't you coming yes I just have to text honey real quick abandon barn to Bears went missing I don't even know why you speak to her you should only talk to her through text message whoa creepy is it really abandoned look at these still had the do not enter tape from the police oh man that is so scary scary there's nothing scary about do not enter tape or boarded up windows on some abandoned barn I say we go inside I don't know it's kind of getting a little bit dark yeah I don't know if I actually want to go in I mean it's an abandoned building we may be trespassing you two are the most wimpiest stallions I have ever met I have to take a picture of this moment what why I'm sending this to every mare I know hashtag chickens white hashtag chickens look it's just a barn come on let's just go inside sound like there's ghosts in here or anything actually there might be the ghost of the two bears that went missing ooh even more of a reason to go in come on come on all right come on closer you coming I really just want to get home it's getting so dark out looks like it's gonna be a full moon – come on you're starting to shiver – come on this is creepy in here oh it's just dusty huh I wonder if those two bears bodies are in here hiding somewhere there's a lot of rubble around there could be bodies hidden anywhere here you know there's a dressage bridle over here Oh what what's so scary about that is there blood on it no there's just so much metal look I really want to go I I don't want to be in here I think I'm gonna head home yeah come on Santy you let's go I just got a message from honey she said that the mares that went missing we're playing a bloody mare whoo I've heard of that game it's true what you know how to play it I've never played it before I heard you stand face to face with another look at each other and say Bloody Mary three times but it has to be in a pitch-dark room and then if you're lucky the bloody mayor will show her face but you can't look at her or else she'll steal your soul whoa that's disgusting I didn't make it up I just heard about it oh we have to play we have to play we have to play Oh perfect this is absolutely perfect this is what we can do for Halloween abandoned building and playing Bloody Mary come on Carlos partner up with me but I'm not playing Bloody Mary I'm not gonna say that yeah I want to go I want to go home – guys are such chickens fine flip do you want to play Bloody Mary with me I don't know I don't know if I want to have this Mayer spirit release it's probably fake but I have to find out I want to know is she gonna show her face or not I'm not playing yeah me neither flip you ready all right fine nothing will probably happen anyways well I'm gonna go wait outside with callosum well I need to go home I'm gonna go walk callosum home real quick and I'll be back you guys all right give me a kiss I'll see you soon Oh text message I'll be back though it's from honey she says she cannot believe that we're gonna play she says she hopes we don't die is that supposed to be sweet I think it is okay close the barn door so it's pitch dark in here okay are you ready to start okay I'm ready okay can you turn the light off off your phone oh sorry okay how do we play okay you look into my eyes and we both say Bloody Mary three times but you can only make eye contact with me if you see any other eyes in the room or if you happen to see Bloody Mary and you look at her it's all over what what happened you don't want to find out so I'm just saying if you just want a little bit of a spook just say Bloody Mary three times and do not look away from me okay okay I'm ready to play oh I wish I could record this on my cell phone I posted on YouTube can we focus okay I'm ready ready at the same time Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary what was that did you hear something someone come into the barn no light would be leading if someone came into the barn I don't think this worked didn't get back on my cell phone no don't don't just wait a minute wait many fans I hope you enjoyed part 1 of my Halloween special you do not want to miss part 2 happy Halloween awesome mini fans I hope you enjoyed this super spooky little mini lynnie Halloween video oh I guess you're waiting for the secret secret word whew well I've got a question for you how well were you paying attention to the video what was the hashtag that Santina used to describe the Stallions can you put your answer below in the comment section that way I know you are listening to this message and you are

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