Gewalt aus der Kindheit zeigt sich im Pferdeumgang am deutlichsten

the clients came to the salons for a two-day demonstration seminar cool everything i knew about the prehistory of this horse was that she was in als picked up herself, and her mother also studied a Hanoverian woman obsessed with the study she never had problems but liberty developed already recommended age as foster and rebel she had to have him castrated quickly because he is a super climber has developed many problems with the floor work that have pushed you to your limits With the leading area the problems were getting bigger because the partie just got up and booked she just thought the horse would be crazy and therefore seeks help in the salon school in the demonstrations in seminars i always proceed in such a way that i also include video clips Let the owners of the horse bring them from home as they do at home dealing with your horse i then read the viewers with the films look and everyone should show me what he sees, what he perceives and what he does holds a wide variety of voices I have heard of yes that is a difficult horse it disrespectful then yes that's a bit too tough as one it leads him and there is not all these different views stubborn in the market first contribute to all of what we see because I have brought with me videos of the client has not yet seen how she works with him I asked the client to go to the animus kohl show how she handles her horse here too, the spectators have to go ahead Again your opinion on what you see and what you think or feel In addition, like the owner with her horses, what I'm doing up to this time I saw that the drive took a lot of freedom that it was permanent there is no trust checked and there is also the language of the horses body language and horse psychology very little understanding available I have not yet shared my opinions because I haven't done everything yet have seen as long as the horses are still on the lunge or on be held in a halter do not squeeze yourself a hundred percent honest from you are afraid that the pain will come from us that will hold you and that's why you can really only see the whole picture when the horse is free when liberty was free they actually came for me predominant energies expressing the horse now reflected all over grip of its owner in the highest measure despite the threat she shows, she smiles and doesn't take it as a threat true in this exercise the horse is so stressed that's all it does just to get a tasty treat here, too, is apparently not recognizable for the owner that horse is totally crazy, it begs and begs and has at all I didn't understand what the point of this whole thing is in spite of everything, tv seems to prefer to be at the mercy of being forced to his owner to do everything possible to please her because that's easy the kind of connectedness the horses follow out of their instincts horses don't understand why humans do what they do after all the observations and the almost one-day preparation of the ten-member audience and after consulting with explanatory I have then said what i see the one prevailing force of this over grip shows me very clearly that clients are very big from a young age At the mercy of abuse someone was very abusive and it did yes no one helped so the woman has from hers feelings separated and no longer perceives today it is threatened it is your everyday life and it has become a habit since it has become a matter of course for her, she now also works with liberty should one other energy is still there that the horse shows exactly that there is still someone pulls on her and manipulates her Euro the client was already in one at this point advanced healing phase prefer tea comes to me and got it he needed water he has lost his inner rhythm and it's not that what you then have to do with the horse that you work with him but the horse knows exactly if you offer him something whether that is good for him and me did nothing the whole first day but for a very long time to offer knock that gave back in a rhythm with which he ultimately gave Healed himself on the second day, it was what he got back immediately did he want to be knocked and it was visibly better for him then he turned away and finally rolled around in a relaxed manner, he puffed just off and it was as if he finally had the relief for his owner found here in the salinger school regarding body language and horse psychology i have the clients Recommended that you come back to a 6 day seminar to really be there To learn everything about horses afterwards you can all just be with get liberty ready at home and correct the horse yourself that are now not allowed to go again and again for a change at the end of the seminar i took to the streets with liberty really showing how to lead him on a long rope, always on it make sure that he now keeps the distance and really at a distance with someone with it goes that he is no longer firmly on the ground that he is told to come the other no more danger and really leaves enough room for it he can look and just move, that's the most important thing is really predominant for him now and even if he goes here quickly and I just overtook me a bit and said mine friend and he looks and he stays there I don't have to pull and hear nothing I then give him a treat as a reward to say that it's great made and the horse really understands everything

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