Introduction to Horse Racing Betting


If you want to try horse racing betting, your main objective is winning
against the Odd makers or the Odds Compilers. And of course, winning
money. So you can be sure to have fun during horse race betting, try to
bet on an event that you favor the most. This way, you don’t feel
harassed over the results of the bet.

You can make your bets through Sportsbooks in the United States of
America or the Bookmakers in the United Kingdom. Placing a bet is as
simple as going to the Sportsbook or logging in at the website. The
acceptance of sports bets are conducted via the sports book. Meanwhile,
the person who sets the betting odds is the oddsmaker.

Once you have decided where you will make your bet, you can now
make your selection. You need to choose the type of bet you’re making
and the amount that is at stake. It would be wise to check the odds
that are available before you make your selection. This will be most
helpful in making a good decision.

The type of bet that you can make generally depends on the sports
book. Some can give you certain varieties or combinations that may not
be available in other sports book. The most common types of bets are
combination, daily double, exotic, future, jackpot, parlay
(accumulator), perfecta (exacta or straight), pick 3, pick 6, place,
proposition (prop), quiniela (reverse forecast), show, straight bet
(single or win), superfecta, and trifecta (tricast or treble).

Among all these types of bets, the Straight bet is the most common,
mainly because it is also the simplest one. If the horse that you chose
is the first to cross the finish line, then you can collect your money.
The Place bet is rather similar to the Straight bet, except that your
horse can either be first or second in the race. Also related is the
Show bet but you can only collect if the horse that you chose should
either finish first, second, or third.

For the Combination bet, you can pick two to four horses that you
would like to win in a specific order. This is similar to the Pick 3
bet, wherein you select the winners for three consecutive events. Pick
6 is the same as Pick 3.

Some of the horse bets available in the United Kingdom are Perfecta, Quiniela, and Trifecta.
Quiniela is just like Place bet. In Perfecta, Superfecta, and Trifecta,
your chosen horses must finish in the exact order as in the race. For
Jackpot bet, you choose six winners which will share the Jackpot prize.
The Parlay bet involves multiple bets. On the other hand, the Future
bet, as the name implies, is a horse race betting on events that are
yet to occur. Such bets are usually made before the season begins.
Exotic bets involve betting on unusual events, which means you can
place bets on other sports events. The Prop bets involve bets made on
conditions directed by the sports book.

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