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hi everybody hope you well this video was requested by Kia to 5 p.m. and this is gonna be about how to keep a horse as healthy as possible in order to age it up to this stage of being a pass horse so I want to keep it as healthy as possible until it's over 30 years old so that's what we're gonna focus on so they've got a horse here which is just not 25 yards 24 and the reason I've done this is because it's very important when the first things you want to be thinking about if you've got a little horse so horse that is capable of passing away whatever it is health gets too low you want to make sure that before it turns 25 that it's in perfect health so here we've got a horse that's a hundred percent health knife it wasn't a hundred percent health you'd want to work on getting the health perfect but I have a video call I think it's horse bsx and monitoring your horses health so you can go look at that it's a very in-depth video and I'll show you how to take proper care of your horses and keep them at the right level of health you always want to have a hundred percent health unless of course I'm have explained many reasons why you might not want to help but if you're having horses that you're aging up to get a pass from you want to make sure it's a hundred before you get to 25 because once this horse reaches 25 because it's not a rural it's gonna start to lose health progressively so you might have had a horse which has been healthy all its life and you might start aging it and suddenly his health starts to drop and you've been feeding it the right amount doing the right amount of care screaming it yeah fat nanny say it's not losing Morel and stuff so it might actually be the age to you want to check suit because you will start to see when this horse hits 25 that his health will start to drop so I put it in the Nisei to start with what we're just gonna do is I'm gonna do last ends and you don't have to be lessons I'm just doing them to get money back for putting and they say now you see at the minute is it says this mare is currently under weight so my auto feed is going to feed her the right amount according accordingly but if you're feeding yours automatically you're gonna want to make sure you click to do it off so she's 24 sex moms so we're just gonna keep an eye on the weight you can see that it's not showing that learning anymore so that means that she's getting the right of mind so she's 24 and 10 months nice so she's gonna shortly go into the 25 year mark so watch the health as I click to go to 25 years you can see there's a 3% drop there in the health now usually it's around 2% drop every single day so what we're gonna say my is this he'll start to progressively go down the closer she gets to 30 so you one of the things to do whenever your is your horse up to 30 is make sure you feed it correctly make sure you groom it make sure you putting it to bed and an AC and make sure it's not to fight them too thin and things I thought so you have to make sure that your tech and the random I take care of it now I'm just gonna show u s– for example at the moment it says that we don't need to feed anymore that we fed the right amount but if I click on this okay use up energy you can see that suddenly we need to give it two more two notes so make sure that you fans the right of – because if he left that progressively did that over time you would actually start to see your horse start to lose weight so we're gonna do the mission first and then the groom and then the feed so if you keep watching that you'll keep saying it should be run a two percent drop so you can see it went from 93 to 91 so so long as you make sure that it's not massive drops okay I from 25 to 30 you will keep the horse alive until it's 30 years old and then whenever it's turn 30 and after that then you can send it to heaven don't try to send it to heaven when it's 29 years in town most don't because it would work okay you have to send it when it's 30 or after not before so you can see there in a minute we've got idiots so we'll just we'll get it to 26 so she's 25 and 10 though voyager wants more so now she's 26 years and you can see that she lost the first time we used her from 24 and 10 months to 25 she was 3% and then after that was 2% so between the 25 in 26 years she's lost just under 20% so if you think about that she's another four years to go and should probably use another 4% I'm sorry note 4 so probably lose another 4 times 20 roughly okay maybe slightly opened her so she should be the time she gets to 30 she'll not have hit 0% health so you want to make sure you're doing all the cares doing it properly making sure that she's getting everything she needs right up into that point so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna try it actually as quickly as possible to each her off until end look agent point I'll just pose it there for a minute I'm going to keep doing the same thing okay until we get her close to 30 years okay so I've come back and we are on 2016 or sorry 29 years in six months so you can see that it still has 35% energy so still a sufficient energy to get to 30 so we'll each again there's another 2% drop so you want to make sure if you're getting about a 2% drop you're doing it right if it's big muscle drops then there's something wrong and you address that I mean if you're really really stuck I would use a black orchid I think if you need to use a black orchid okay and that will restore it help back to hundra Sun so well yes Llorona can she's night 29 years in town once less over in the ager once more and I she's 30 years old so you can see there and we've got 29% of house at the moment no more we continue to age her she will continue to how about 2% drop until she reaches the era if you want to immediately once they reach the age of 30 and you want to just immediately kill them off then what I would purposely do is make sure that you use up all their energy or maybe they don't feed them I know it just did fader but you could use as much energy as possible like this for example you see she's going to bed with less than 20 pagina energy and obviously very little health as well now what I will do is I'm not going to kill her off because I can't send her to heaven at the moment but you can just say that if I'm if I let her have under 20% energy and she loses the bet that's another thing I should just mention do not under any circumstance like your passwords could have bad without 20% energy unless you're looking to kill it off there and then so I'm letting the energy be underneath 20% no because actually highlighted there we go I'm at 6% at the minute because she's 30 years if she was under 30 not 30 yet I would not let her go to go to bed until she had over 20 so I would have to rectify that for example without strength or carrot or a mash or possibly a black orchid if I'm really really still so that's how to take care of your Posterous if you want to see more about horse horse house definitely check out the horse basics video by managing your horses house on horse so anyway guys thank you to camped to five yet progressively I hope you love you too

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