Star Stable [SSO]: 3 Farben – Shire Horse, Morgan & Araber [Update 27.01.2016] | Let’s Play ♥ [DEU]

hello your saplings welcome to another ss owi today the third, surprisingly, three new colors came out for old ones models for the old only one of them that really a bit older and twice for shire horse there is a new arab and a new tomorrow there is in the crescent moon village so we are on the way I had often toyed with the idea of ​​being on my horse old model to buy keyword for example the tinker which I will probably also go to Poland very likely but that's why I thought I'd do it now the three are like said all the old ones too, tomorrow you mustn't forget him meanwhile already half a year old they have been outside and that long the shire horses came rather late, a little late, the came six weeks more instead of the usual 4 so now i can finally use it for the stall in the crescent moon what surprises me is that there is still snow that would have it I don't count, I have to be honest, so we have it here shire horse and a very interesting gift I have personally i know a lot of shire horses but i got myself shire horse with this one seen the gift I really have to say I was sick now I hope you does not hear him I also had this two-tone mane the mane I think very chic but i think the donation fits more with a paint and not to a decision can of course say that there is so in china I have personally and not seen is not really my case, I have to say unfortunately just like the other stars of course from level 8 949 strong 15 strength two Disciplines 0 speed of endurance and 0 agility so now the next ambulance comes next it goes here to bake this is a growing tomorrow I think it's totally beautiful, I think it's right Well done has seen here in the picture and then as the second Tomorrow colors came out because they are still at the ages of lothar and me talked for a long time why didn't they bring a dax against that would be a breed this is predestined for it and women have won now I am very happy about it and I may still be buy as I said don't nail me on it I know I will don't plan so long in advance because i don't buy as many horses as I do I would like to because of the high high prices for the ultra cute how I feel very, very good like everyone else in tomorrow auto pure strength two disciplines only speed 0 endurance two agility and costs 790 stars and my choice fell on the arab for the reason i have already said i would probably have me all arab businessman iso wunder gorgeous i don't have a brown but that is that we shines a bit because I had it before wondering if I will buy it now, but first it should be first This one, like all other arabs, has a 10 + 1 strength limit plus two disciplines +0 speed +0 endurance and three agility for 910 da But there is also a proud price but they are already cute you have them really impressed i have to say a stallion should be moved with me she's the dog again now she has to look where are my names makes the whole thing down that is just in a new window and fantasy fans don't have to emblaze places something like that in germany ticket criticism is ugly because blaze once the conflagration but also the places with animals and he has a better and fan team made me so good I don't like templates after the German but I think it sounds just say good now in German-English the phantom conflagration or the phantom pallor in the face that is [ __ ] but it's just in your english nice name and that's why it's my little fan at wembley now I just don't know exactly how to do the hairstyle I don't know yet really what I miss him in sets but I have one or the other idea I already thought maybe this set would also be here this would have looked very pretty here what now what now precisely because yes it wears that we have all games meil I don't understand why he already nice I have to put on something else because what I'm wearing here I think that doesn't suit him at all, unfortunately, unfortunately, not the animations change natural has better textures it would be bad too if I keep in the club but as I said, unfortunately nothing changed the gaits because the gait started above him but a pity that not big here that I move a little, he really stays that way a little star moves his head around a little like you would for him I know old horses and that I would have been happy if you had one a bit overworked you should have a look where am I because that's already again she is on my horses again barbara also have a look here brown is also pretty shiny western sunday I like her the arabs very much love the best vehicles i think i would would decide this now I don't know what I'm for take a saddle because I didn't want to pack a better saddle on it yes so for a bit now also looked sweet but I would like to be have another stallion difficult difficult difficult the saddle here is prettier has has at all no good values ​​i know my inventory again untidy here it is too dark, so I think it doesn't really fit a bridle or what you think nielsen is not clear enough I have to get this out of the way because we are still using the silver saddle kiss is on then I go unbelievable none that looks cute too but look at him if you still like a loop with him looks like that is maybe very chic like here is of course beautiful yes that makes it great from the gold leaf championat the ponies loop in the back I had no more never had exactly that I gathered up front I can accept you here or we need others and the sweet little one it's not that easy at all, just from the shape of a woman's childhood Seems to be sweeter to me too, yes I think yours are currently on the sheet but i think i find them suitable here with him then i have an idea which blanket might fit underneath what do you think of the one here looks like i find it actually very cool now I just have to take a look then have to do this now matching clothes at all haha ​​I definitely have matching clothes like that I could get dressed first but I still have his jacket somewhere Flying around in a red coat is of course also chic, yes I'm currently one little still undecided with the orange it fits so naturally very good but it really is the question of whether I am also willing to let myself in generally on the arabs the smaller petz very cool i don't know anywhere the vest the joke is i have sorted everything here by clothes but me don't have no color on it it's pretty nice if then not all of them a symbol but you could also guess what it is here is of course also cute but it doesn't fit then I work through the area anyway alarm signal if i could here now am on the way in orange maybe what I need why I have summery rather short-sleeved things that look neat as long-sleeved things he knows the problem also yes you can see it is not easy there the gloves are not that great but I think you can use them but let it be seen there is definitely worse I don't even think so bad we look now you still the media on him so yes as I said you can already see the gaits are whole exactly the same as with everyone else but nothing happened there either the tail could still be reworked Have a little more every day, a little more floating, that's what I think very pretty but he is still really beautiful I think he is very good succeeded and it is something else again now i'm just thinking about which hairstyle i like actually a lot of kind on the arabs really like from that a lot was offered way too late but i don't like the sweat that much if he's so stoic go on with this one a little longer level league but let's have a look here we have the suppositories on him of course I have to say that they also look very chic very elegant also here, of course, also with the arriving better shows what running a little V-shaped friends that looks really very very send out where the cones are almost gray to me like you are so that they are a bit brighter when you get there put on the female and that she would be the long mane that is of course also a real eye-catcher that has to be said that is not bad but of course again a strong league but I think in fact i will accept this long mane no sorry i don't have time so ballack so I wanted to come back here just look clearly on the riding arena the movements are of course the same anyway you know i show you that with every new color i buy I'll show you the gait again so that you can get an idea of ​​it if you like it that way, we will go into the step here trot i like the walk and the trot I really enjoy working with arabs, I also have to say the labor dispute absolute dreams and for which we clearly don't have enough space in me we need a larger haid area and the fastest gallop in the rear we climb the paint gallop another lap I can show you how you are, yes, but that's it again I hope you like can play writes I like the comments what you say about a new horse Said two of them very well, I just think it's a shame that again no quest has come that's not great stars table i have to say i I said that I really can't so soft now is again came out of the concept so i decide again no guests come so i have to say i hope next week comes again what should actually then soon sometimes that was a team update pending let's see i'm curious to write me in the comments you guys have shopped or tell her this nothing for me I'm curious and so say I'll see you next time tomorrow and if you like, you can too fan templates come with me so dear ones, I say goodbye but now really the good one from you is now ten times on the street minutes on it right back down and then see you next time

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